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August 21, 2008
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
"naruto-kun could u come in here*yes her stuff is there now*"what hinata-cha......"naruto he was stoped when he saw hinata in shorts that hugged her ass like a little girl with nightmare problems in a  house with a ghost scaring the crap out of her and laughing his ass off a tee shirt that was made of silk,black,and showed her cleavage"you like"hinata said seductively"y-ye-yes"naruto stammered he was stunned"why are you...."naruto"ssshhhhhh just relax and enjoy"hinata said in such a voice he would comit murder if she asked like that"hinata-chan what got in to you"naruto"ive always wanted this now then lets do this"hinata"ok"naruto who btw got his confidence back"good"hinata.naruto took his shirt off revealing he had everything hell ever here of an 8 pack me neither but he had it*btw he was wearing a longsleve shirt with black and orange*omg naruto how do u have an 8 pack thats IMPOSSABLE isnt it?"hinata"hehehe u gotta train ur ass off"naruto.

hinata felt all of his musules and licked in between the creveses of his 8 pack naruto felt a shiver down his spine as she did that naruto flipped them over and pulled of hinatas shirt only to be dissapointed by a bra covering his goal.

he made a little whine"its a bra it covers my breast"hinata"i know that why did u wear one if u knew we were gonna do this"naruto"to make u beg"hinata"WHAT!I am a man not a dog"naruto"fine ill put my cloths back on then."hinata"ok ok*puppy eyes no justu*pwz wit a chewy on top"naruto"and a shopping spre"hinata"*sigh*fine"naruto"good boy"hinata then took of her bra to reveal*HEY PUT UR PANTS BACK ON U HENTAI!*.her supple D cup breast naruto went up to the left one and massaged it with his right hand and sucked on the other"*moan*naruto that fells so good"hinata naruto switched to the other and did the same treatment after 1 min he stopped"hehe now its my turn to do something to you"hinata she took his pants off and saw a bulge in his boxers and took those of to reveal his fully harden member 10 in. long 3 in. wide"*gasp*its so big naruto-kun"hinata"ok are u gonna stop talkin and start suckin"naruto*I know right*.

hinata grabed his dick and licked it naruto groaned"suck not lick"naruto hinata took half his member in her mouth and bobed up and down every time going down further"*moan*hinata faster"she went at break neck speeds naruto felt somthing coming"*MOAN*HINATA-CHAN!"naruto he came in her mouth and she swallowed his load'wow naruto-kun taste great'hinata"wow"naruto"time for the main course"hinata pulled her shorts of and then her panties"now then lets do this"hinata"but shouldent i put a condom on and also its ur first time"Naruto"shutup kunochi have an abilitie to use birth control no justu*why cant women do that WHY!(btw if u think i stole this from other lemons i did because i love the idea)*and its not my first time all kunochi are deflowered when they become ninja*meaning their fucked by a statue to teach them not to cum when raped(that i came up with=D)*"hinata"oh"naruto"but the statue's dick*told yea it was a statue* wasnt as big as yours so be gental"hinata"statue?"naruto"just go"hinata.

naruto put his dick at the entrence of her pussy and thrusted in felling the tightness and wetness of her pussy and hinata felling a long steel hard cock thrusted in to her felt like she was on cloud 10 above 9 he kept thrusting in and out hinata moaning for a while until naruto and hinata both felt their climax coming"naruto im about to come"hinata"me to"naruto they both came and naruto collased and hinata cuddled up to him with his dick still in there"good night hinata"naruto"good night naruto"hinata

END how was  it R&R*read and review*
ok well this was reedited on 11/9/08 R&R

and sasuke is sakuras boyfriend
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airtvpotato Dec 24, 2008
This was actually good for being ur first lemon!:3 Next time edit it cause its kinda scramblish! But anyways GOOD JOB! :D :D
yea im working on not scrambling and thanks for saying that the panda is proud
airtvpotato Dec 26, 2008
Ur welcomez! :D :D I love pandas!
airtvpotato Dec 27, 2008
airtvpotato Dec 28, 2008
Thanks! Ur's is cute too! ^^
yea if you said haha fucking weird ass panda bitch then i would kick your ass and then rape hinata and run
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josawvee Nov 16, 2008
its kinda dumb. where's the buildup? where's the suspense?
dragonfoxgirl Oct 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
o my god leave her alone !!!!
XS her work is great
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